October 3, 2019 marin

Strengthening the 110 kV Transmission Grid in South Albania

The project is funded by a German government loan through the KfW Bank and includes the construction of:

  1. Vlora – Saranda 110kV double line, 105 km long
  2. Erseka – Përmet 110kV line, 55 km long
  3. Reconstruction of Korça – Erseka 110kV line, 36km long
  4. Reconstruction of Përmet – Këlcyra – Memaliaj – Ballsh – Fier – 110kV
  5. the second circuit of Zemblak – Korça 110kV line
  6. strengthening of Zemblak 400/110kV substation, 150MVA

The project is in the implementation phase and is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2015. As you can see, the project has a very broad reach including the western and eastern parts of the south of Albania. The construction of the 110 kV line Babice – Saranda closes in the ring an important part of the 110 kV electrical grid, meeting the N-1 static safety criteria. The line crossing in the Ionian coastline creates the possibility of 110/20kV substation construction in this area, to improve the electrical infrastructure as a necessity for the development of tourism. Strengthening of Zemblak 400/110kV substation and extension of the 110 kV grid in the southeastern area will also close to the ring a part of the existing 110 kV grid. Under these conditions, the possibility of supplying the Southern area, through the Power flow introduced by N / st 400/110 kV of Zemblak, is created. Consequently, the power flux coming from 220 kV grid lines will be reduced by better balancing the South Albanian 220 kV ring, which is a problem for the security of supply of a large area. The 110 kV line in the Vjosa valley will create the possibility of connecting to the transmission grid of a part of the plants that will be built in the flow of this river .

The whole project is justified by the elimination of unused power and the great benefit of reducing power losses.