October 3, 2019 marin

Press release regarding the explosive set on the 65th pillar of the 400kV line in Fushe-Kruje

OST reports on the amount of explosive set today, on the pillar no. 65, of the 400 kV line Tirana 2 – Prizren and Tirana 2 – Podgorice, near the Cement Factory, Fushë Krujë.

In the pillar No. 65 of the 400 kV double line Tirana 2 – Prizren and Tirana 2 – Podgorica, which is located near the Cement Factory, Fushë Krujë was set a considerable amount of explosive. As a result of the explosion, one foot of the pillar and many of its holders have been destroyed.

At the scene there are OST groups and Police of Durrës who are investigating the event. Fortunately, the pillar has not fallen, but we emphasize that the collapse of this pillar would have very serious consequences in the Albanian power system and as a consequence we would have disrupted the supply of electricity throughout the country.

OST is taking all necessary measures to repair the damage caused by this terrorist act on the line that supplies electricity to all customers of Albanian territory.

Following you can find the press release of Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Mr. Ilir Bejtja and Deputy Minister of Interior, Besfort Lamallari on the event happened.