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for 400 kV Transmission Line Albania – North Macedonia (Fier – Elbasan – Qafe Thane) BMZ-Nr. 2010 66 992.

  1. The Operatori i Sistemit të Transmetimit (OST sh.a), in Albania, will use funds provided by KfW within the scope of German Financial Co-operation towards financing the implementation of the project
    400 kV Transmission Line Albania – North Macedonia (Fier – Elbasan – Qafe Thane)[1]
    The project comprises two (2) lots, as follows:
    • Lot 1: Overhead Lines, pertaining to the construction of a 400 kV transmission line between Fier – Elbasan – Qafe Thane (Albania/North Macedonia border). The line corridor for Fier – Elbasan section will have an approximate length of 74 km and the section Elbasan – Qafe Thane section will have an approximate length of 56 km. Both sections will be configured as a single-circuit. After commissioning of the new lines, Elbasan and Fier will be part of the regional 400 kV network, the so-called Corridor 8.
    • Lot 2: Substations, pertaining to the construction of a new substation Elbasan 3 and the reinforcement and extension of substation Fier. The new substation Elbasan 3 will extend the existing 400/220/30 kV substation Elbasan 2 with a switchyard on 400 kV level with double busbar to connect the lines to Tirana 2, Zemblak, Fier and North Macedonia and a shunt reactor. In substation Fier, the existing 220 kV switchyard will be extended, a new 400/220/35 kV autotransformer shall be installed and a double busbar switchyard on 400 kV level will be constructed.
  2. OST sh.a, hereinafter referred to as “the Employer”, now invites Applications of firms/joint ventures interested to qualify for Lot 1: Overhead Lines.
    Bidding shall be conducted by means of the International Competitive procedure with prequalification, as specified in KfW’s “Guidelines for the Procurement of Consulting Services, Works, Goods, Plant and Non-Consulting Services in Financial Cooperation with Partner Countries” (“Guidelines” – https://www.kfw-entwicklungsbank.de/PDF/Download-Center/PDF-Dokumente-Richtlinien/Vergaberichtlinien-2019-Englisch-Internet_2.pdf).
  3. The contract scope includes design, engineering, manufacturing, transportation to site, unloading, temporary storage, installation, commissioning and tests on completion of the substations, all works on the respective locations, as well as obtaining necessary permits for construction and commissioning, on a turnkey basis, for:
    • new single circuit 400 kV OHL between Fier and Elbasan 3, approximately 75 km
    • new single circuit 400 kV OHL Elbasan 3 – Qafe -Thane on Macedonian border, approximately 56 km
    • interconnections and adjustments of tie-ins and existing overhead lines in the area between substations Elbasan 3 (new substation) and Elbasan 2 (existing), as well as adjustments of existing overhead lines at Fier substation (existing).
  4. The Invitation for Bids is expected to be made in calendar week 32 of 2019.
  5. Applicants have to furnish, as part of their Applications, documentary evidence establishing their qualifications to perform the contract if their bid is accepted.
  6. Interested firms may obtain further information from:
    FICHTNER GmbH & Co. KG
    Sarweystrasse 3
    70191 Stuttgart / Germany
    Mr. Konstantinos Zachos
    Email: konstantinos.zachos@fichtner.de
    Phone: +49 (711) 8995 670
    Fax: +49 (711) 8995 459
  7. To purchase the Prequalification Document, eligible Applicants should:
    • write to the above mentioned address, requesting the Prequalification Document. This request must be accompanied by a cover letter, clearly stating the name of the company and the country of domicile.
    • pay a non-refundable fee of EUR 200.
    • upon request, the documents will be promptly dispatched by courier, but no liability can be accepted for loss or late delivery. An electronic copy shall also be sent to the interested Applicants.
  8. The Applications for Prequalification (in accordance with the instructions of the Prequalification Document) shall be delivered on the above mentioned address, on or before 26 June 2019, 10:00 a.m. CET.
  9. The opening of the Applications shall take place on 26 June 2019, 10:00 a.m. CET., at the main offices of FICHTNER GmbH & Co. KG in Stuttgart.
  10. No liability can be accepted for any costs or expenses incurred by the Applicants in connection with the preparation or delivery of their Applications.

[1] A development Project of the Republic of Albania through Operatori i Sistemit te Transmetimit Sh. a. (OST) co-financed by the Federal Republic of Germany through KfW and by the European Union within the Western Balkans Investment Framework.