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The exchange of data electronically in the European Energy Market requires a common standard commonly identifiable scheme of identification.

All market participants (Traders, Manufacturers, Qualified Customers etc.) have the opportunity to operate in different market areas.

System operators should exchange information between them and with market participants.

Also, there are many facilities that require identification to ensure that information exchange is successfully accomplished (tieline, source facilities, etc.). In order for these exchanges to be safely implemented, then an identification scheme is absolutely necessary.

ENTSO-E (European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity) is what sets this unique coding scheme and also administrative organizations to manage and maintain this identification system.

ENTSO-E has assigned LIO offices (local code generation offices) the task of allocating and administering EIC codes.

In Albania, the OST manages the LIO office, so it allocates and manages all of the EIC Albanian codes. IncSO-E has set up the local code generation office at the "54".

So all EIC managed codes from the OST start with two "54" characters.


The central code generation agency,CIO(Central Issuing Office) and the local code finder office LIO(Local Issuing Office) jresponsible for the registration, generation and publication of EIC codes within the energy market.

  • A local EIC code generation office is authorized by ENTSO-E to generate and administer EIC codes for any recognized or registered energy market organization or company that can participate in the domestic market but also in the European Energy Efficiency. For LIO office can release two types of EIC codes:

1. International 2. The LIO International Office respects a number of well-defined rules in order to ensure the uniqueness of the codes that generates and manages a local code list that it issues. LIO Office has the right to generate and publish all type of codes (X, T, Z, V, W, A). All EIC codes issued by Albania's LIO office start with code 54.

  • The Central CIO Generating Office generates and administers EC codes for LIOs, Zones and System Operators. It also manages the central EIC code registry (which contains all the codes used within the European Energy Market with regard to the codes of type X) and ensures that there are no duplicate or repetitive codes.

All codes that relate to interconnection points are generated by the LIO and ENTSO-E offices. The CIO office is run by ENTSO-E. ENTSO-E publishes all active international codes on its website.   List of active international EIC codes.

  Structure of EIC Code

The EIC code is an alphanumeric fixed-length code, which is organized as in the schema presented. * The permissible characters in an EIC code are: A-Z, 0-9, "-".

List of EIC Codes

In this session are published all types of active codes generated by our LIO office.

The objects to be identified are:

  • System operators, traders, manufacturers, consumers, energy exchangers, network operators, service providers, agents and many other facilities. These objects are identified by X-type EIC codes.pdf Type X Codes
  • Local networks in which are placed metering points, market balance areas, control areas etc. These objects are identified with EIC codes of type Y
  • Measurement points, calculating or adjusting points etc. These objects are identified by the EIC type of Z type. pdfZ Type Codes
  • Any object that generates or consumes energy. These objects are identified by EIC type W codes.pdfType W codes
  • Physical lines within the area and lines connecting the neighboring trading areas. These lines are identified by type EIC codes.pdf Kodet e Tipit T
  • Physical or logical areas in which an object identifier or IT system of an identifying object is or will be located. These areas are identified by EIC type V type codes.
  • Substations They are identified by EIC type A codes.

Since Albania did not have a LIO office in advance, all X codes that identify market participants in our country are generated by the European Federation for Energy Traders (EFET) for Energy Traders. You can find X-type active merchant codes in our country on the PDF document provided pdf-4 List of existing codes

Application Forms for EIC Codes

Allocating an EIC code for identifying a market participant

The process of allocating an EIC code goes through three main stages:

  • Apply by the market participant to a national or international EIC code
  • The LIO office verifies all the information provided by the applicant and generates the EIC code.
  • The LIO office includes this code in the active code list and publishes it on its website.

*In the case of international EIC application, the LIO office does not directly publish this code but it sends it to the CIO office. The CIO office verifies all the data and includes this code in its central registry, communicated to all LIO active offices and is sent to the LIO office responsible for this code in order to be published and on the LIO's local office website.

In order for an applicant to generate an X Type EIC code, he must complete the application form given below and submit an editable copy of the completed form and a scanned copy of the applicant's signature. These two documents must to be sent to the email address:

Application template for the EIC code type X.docx* One of the obligations of the EIC applicant is the reading and approval of the Energy Identification Coding Scheme (EIC), which is located on the link provided:

pdf-4The Energy Identification Coding Scheme (EIC) Reference Manual


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