October 3, 2019 marin

Construction of National Dispatcher Center

The new SCADA / EMS control system of the national center Dispatcher is one of the most important projects of the transmission system operator.

The central unit of the new SCADA / EMS system and facilities for its use are temporarily located in the control Room of 400 kV substation “Tirana 2”.

This project is very complex and includes:

  • The telecommunication system, which includes the extension of about 450 km of Optical Fiber (OPGW) and other telecommunication equipment such as RTU, PLC, MUX, PABX, providing data acquisition for SCADA and EMS systems from Transmission System Substations, KESH power plants and OSHEE main substations. .
  • SCADA System with Data Collection, Event Processing, Calculation of Data, Parameter Limit Monitor, Reporting, Remote Command, etc ..
  • Energy Management System (EMS) with load forecasting functions, Hydro Reserves Management,, Generator Engagement, Transaction Evaluation, Status Estimation, Power Flow Calculation, Insecurity Analyzes, etc.
  • Automatic control of generators (AGC) of the Drin Cascade for frequency – power controlling.
  • The new building of the dispatcher center and the OST

The SCADA / EMS system enables real-time controlling and monitoring by the national dispatcher center of the power system, optimally operating from a technical and economical point of view, increasing reliability of operation and quality of power supply. It optimizes the joint exploitation of the water reservoir of the Drin cascade, other sources of power generation and exchanges with neighbors. The SCADA / EMS system is a necessary tool for operating in the regional electricity market, for which the Albanian government has received relevant engagements with EU institutions. The system enables the receipt and delivery of real-time data with the neighboring systems with which the OST has interconnection links. The operation of this project is a necessary condition for the operation of our electric power system in parallel synchronous with the European transmission grid in compliance with all the technical criteria, and is the latest technical condition for the allocation participation of OST in European Network of Transmission System Operators for electricity. The project is in the phase of testing, while the new building of the dispatch center and the OST has remained unfinished due to the bankruptcy of contractor Falcione Italy. From numerous meetings with ABB Italia, ABB & Falcione consortium leader, it was agreed that the building will be completed under ABB’s responsibility as the lead company of this consortium. The completion time of the building is projected to be the beginning of 2015.